Anything Speaker Turn Anything Into A Speaker – Mini Bluetooth Speaker Portable Bone Conduction Vibration Speaker – Silver Small Lightweight (Aerospace Aluminum)


Price: $49.91
(as of Mar 02,2023 02:26:11 UTC – Details)

Anything Speaker Mini Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect portable speaker for on-the-go listening! Our speaker is packed with the latest bone conduction technology, making it smaller and more portable than traditional speakers. The speaker uses vibrations to create sound, allowing you to turn anything into a speaker! Whether you’re at a party, outdoors, or just lounging at home, you can turn anything from a cabinet, window, or, even our favorite, a piano into a speaker. Wirelessly connect two speakers at once for stereo 3D audio and double amplifying power (volume). Perfect for outdoor activities, parties, or just enjoying music at home. Connect to your device via Bluetooth and enjoy high-quality sound wherever you go.
Mini Bluetooth Speaker: Anything Speaker is up to 800% smaller than traditional Bluetooth speakers. Bone Conduction technology eliminates the large diaphragm so it’s portable and lightweight!


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