Rx-4 Automatic Pill Counting Machine – Small, easy-to-use, countertop counter counts pills, tablets, capsules, pharmaceuticals fast & accurately. Eliminate time & errors of hand-counting!


COUNT PILLS FAST! For over 50 years, Rx Count Corporation has been producing the most affordable, compact, and easy-to-use pill counters available. MADE IN THE U.S.A., the Rx-4 Automatic Tablet & Capsule Counter counts virtually all shapes and sizes of pills, tablets, and capsules. The Rx-4 is ideal for pharmacies, physician’s offices, weight-loss/health clinics, veterinarians, and any other pharmaceutical dispensary. Weighing only 7 lbs., the compact and portable design fits into any countertop workstation. With THREE counting modes, the Rx-4 counts inventories, and is the only countertop machine that enables the user to dispense specific quantities directly in vials, bottles or any other receptacle. INVENTORY MODE: Simply press the “Start” button and the Rx-4 will count everything on the turntable. SINGLE MODE: Enter the desired quantity to be dispensed. Excess pills on the disc surface are automatically deposited into the bottom tray for return to inventory. MULTI MODE: Ideal for pre-packing and filling multiple vials with the same medication. Enter the desired quantity and excess pills will remain on the turntable for continuous dispensing. Use the included Vial Drawer attachment to dispense into any size receptacle for direct vial filling and large volume counting. The Rx-4 is backed by a One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Counting speed of the unit does vary based upon the shape and size of the pill. Small pills are routinely counted at up to 500 per minute. Large, elongated, or irregular tablets can be slower. A slight adjustment is required when switching from capsules to flat tablets to eliminate tablets “piggybacking” on each other. The Rx-4 is capable of counting 95% of tablets & capsules available (dimensions under 3mm, or greater than 13mm wide / 25mm long cannot be counted).The most economically-priced countertop pill counter available. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
Easy-to-use, fast, accurate counting of pills, tablets & capsules – eliminate hand counting!
Ideal for pharmacies, physician’s offices, weight loss/health clinics, veterinarians, or other pharmaceutical dispensaries
Counts at speeds up to 500 pills per minute. Count inventories and fill prescriptions directly into the vial.
Easy to clean. Small, compact design fits into any countertop workstation. MADE IN THE U.S.A.



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