Storage Tube Vials Holder,Metal Tube Container, , Fit in Pocket Purse Lightweight Portable for Travel (3 Pack)


tube container X3
EASY TO CLEAN: These tubes are designed as a removable bottom cap, Just gently rotate the bottom cap, you can clean it easily.
STRONG AND DURABLE: Store any type of items anytime, anywhere. This metal tube container is made of aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable to ensure the safety of your items.
LIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY: Lightweight of only 0.9 oz, very easy and convenient to carry.
EXCELLENT SEALING PROPERTIES: Nothing will get in or out. Keep the odor in with this tight-sealing tube.
Inconspicuous size stows in any pocket, bag, or purse. Store any type of items anytime, anywhere. Dimensions & Measuring at 4.3” Inches in Height and 1/2” Inches in Diameter.




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