A tablet PC functions like a laptop, but doesn’t have a keyboard or mouse. Instead, it has a special touch screen, which receives information as the user writes on the screen with a specially designed pen. The pen can be used like a mouse, to select and open files or drag a file from one folder to another. The same pen can be used in place of a keyboard to write anything in any computer file. A tablet PC screen takes information only through this special pen. It does not take any information from your finger, as certain other touch screens do. If needed, a keyboard can also be attached to a tablet PC.

However, its main advantage lies in the fact that one doesn’t need a flat space to place a keyboard to use the computer. A tablet PC allows the user to work on it even while standing. Professionals such as doctors, salespersons, engineers, police officers and others who have to stand up most of the time while performing their duties can feel much more comfortable by using a tablet PC instead of a conventional PC or laptop. A number of companies are now producing tablet PCs. They differ in speed, design, look and sometimes functions, too.

There are several models of these tablet PCs available in the market such as the slate model, rugged model and convertible model. The market for tablet PCs is expanding at a rapid pace and it is predicted that the trend is likely to gain further momentum, as most of the big players in the market have decided to jump on this bandwagon. There is no dearth of hardware and software support for the tablet PC. It is easy to use, has a high memory and works at high speed – all this without taking up too much space, and it gives the user the opportunity to use it anywhere.

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