Verizon Wireless USA IMEI Cleaning Service for All Mobile Phones – All IMEI’s and Models Supported (Except Fraud) – WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOU


Terms and conditions: 100% refund if we unable to remove your IMEI from Verizon database. If your device was blocked for unpaid bills, it will be blocked again when you will try to use it with Verizon again! In this case purchase this service only if you want to use your device in the US after unlocking procedure. If your device was blocked as lost or stolen, it will work with Verizon again after unblocking procedure. Keep in mind that there isn’t possible to check reason your device was blocked for! You have to know it before purchase! Send us IMEI number of your device after purchase via message (press *#06# on your phone keypad to get the correct IMEI number (don’t use IMEI printed on the phone box), phone model (like Galaxy S7 / iPhone 6S etc.), carrier and country the phone is locked to. NO REFUND IF ORDER THE WRONG IMEI It’s a kind of digital items and it can’t be cancelled once process is started or completed! Buying this item, you confirm you have read and agree by these terms! Very important note: It’s not Unlock Service keep in mind! This service doesn’t remove or pay your Verizon negative balance. This service just remove your phone from Verizon Blacklist / Block database and allow you to use your phone with all carriers (except your blocked Verizon account) in the USA after unlocking procedure. Remember it and be careful!




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