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3 Ways to Scroll Reels or Shorts Without Touching Screen

You can’t scroll Reels or Shorts on your phone when you are working on something or ...

How to Add a Song on Your Instagram Profile

Meta is adding another cool feature to Instagram that lets users add music to their ...

5 Ways to Search for Text Inside Images in Google Chrome

Ever stumbled upon an image with text that you wanted to extract? If the text is ...

What Is Xiaomi Priority Club Membership and How to Avail It?

Xiaomi recently unveiled one of the most premium service memberships, called “Xiaomi ...

7 Ways to Spot Fake Earning Apps Before or After Install

“Congratulations! You can earn Rs 1 Lakh by playing this simple game, install the XYZ ...

How to Use New DigiYatra App to Use Face Recognition Entry at Airport

If you get tired of long queues whenever you visit Airport to board a flight, there’s ...
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