4 Ways to Block Emails in Gmail by Word or Phrase


More than sixty percent of emails come either from mailing lists or spammers. Gmail automatically filters out some, while others populate your inbox, making it challenging to spot important ones. However, if these unnecessary emails contain a specific word or repeated phrase, you can block them altogether with a few clicks. Let’s look at different methods to block emails in Gmail using a word or phrase in this explainer. Additionally, you can learn to check and stop unsafe email links on Gmail.

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase

How to Block Emails in Gmail by Word or Phrase?

Thanks to Gmail filters and several Chrome extensions, blocking emails containing a specific word or phrase has become quite convenient. Set up a new filter or install the Block Sender extension to get started. In addition, you can utilize other nifty methods listed below to filter spam and unsubscribe from several newsletters on Gmail at once.

Method 1 – Set Filters to Block Emails in Gmail by a Word/Phrase

Gmail filters are rules that allow users to manage emails in the mailbox. Consequently, you can set up a word or phrase filter to block emails containing repeated words in different emails. Follow these steps to set it up:

1. Open Gmail and click Settings to open search options.

2. Enter the word or phrase you wish to filter next to the ‘Has the Words‘ column. If you wish to add multiple words or phrases, separate them using double quotes and the OR operator. For example, “PrepAI” OR “Wordtune”. Click the Create Filter button.

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase

3. Turn on Skip the Inbox to skip matching emails from your primary label. You can also apply changes to existing emails using the ‘apply filter to matching conversations.’ Click the Create Filter button to finalize changes.

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase

Method 2 – Using the Block Sender Gmail Extension

If you don’t wish to deal with the hassle of manually setting up a Gmail filter, you can install the block sender Gmail extension to eliminate all unnecessary emails based on a word or phrase. Here’s what you need to follow:

1. Install the Block Sender extension from the Chrome Web Store to your browser.

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase

2. Create a new account and log in to use the service with your credentials.

3. Click the New Block option to set up a new email rule.

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase

4. Pick ‘Phrase‘ under ‘What do you need to Block.’

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase

5. Finally, set the target destination for blocked emails and click Save.

6. To manage existing block rules for email, click Block and press ‘Manage Blocks.’

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase

7. Select and manage existing rules with the Edit or Delete buttons.

Method 3 – Filter All Marketing and Spam Emails on Gmail

Identifying and filtering marketing and spam emails is a sure-shot way to increase your productivity on Gmail. To stop these unnecessary emails cluttering your Gmail, you can check our detailed guide on filtering marketing and spam emails.

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase

Method 4 – Unsubscribe Mailing Links in One Click

People often subscribe to newsletters to receive updates on their products or services. However, signing up for too many newsletters can quickly fill up your Gmail. Fortunately, the Trimbox extension for Gmail can help you identify and unsubscribe them in a few clicks. Follow these steps for an easy fix.

1. Add the Trimbox extension to your browser.

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase

2. Open Gmail and click Get Started on the Trimbox notification.

3. Sign in with your Google account and link it to the service.

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase

4. Refresh Gmail to allow Trimbox to scan your inbox and mark existing mailing lists with its icon.

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase

5. To unsubscribe from a mailing link, tap the Trimbox button next to the email and press Unsubscribe.

6. Finally, press Delete All Emails to remove all emails from the selected mailing list.

Block Emails with Gmail Word or phrase


Q. How Do I Filter Emails With Specific Words in Gmail?

You can set up an email filter with your desired words or install the Block Sender Chrome extension to filter out all emails containing certain repeated words in Gmail. For more details, check the steps above.

Q. How to Completely Block an Email From Gmail?

Block the sender’s email address and remove the contact from Google Chat. For more details, read our comprehensive guide on blocking, unblocking, and unsubscribing emails in Gmail.

Q. How to Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists on Gmail?

Open the received email and click Unsubscribe next to the sender’s email address. Alternatively, you can easily install the Trimbox browser extension to unsubscribe from multiple mailing lists.

Q. Can I Block Emails Containing Certain Words in Gmail on My iPhone

While Gmail doesn’t allow setting up email filters on its iOS app, you can enable the desktop mode in your browser to access and configure these settings.

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of this guide, where we discussed several methods to block unnecessary emails on Gmail containing a specific word or phrase. If you find it helpful, share it with your friends and subscribe to GadgetsToUse for more awesome articles. Also, don’t forget to check the below links for other nifty Gmail tips and tricks.

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