4 Ways to Book Delhi Metro QR Code Ticket on Phone


After the introduction of QR Code-based tickets, at the Delhi Metro’s Airport Express line, back in February 2020, the facility is now extending to other lines as well. In this read, we will discuss how to book and use the Metro QR ticket on the Delhi Metro network. Meanwhile, you can learn to book Hyderabad Metro Tickets via WhatsApp.

Methods to Book Delhi Metro QR Code Ticket

Delhi Metro is expanding the QR Ticket beyond the Airport Express line. As I’ve spotted the new Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Gate, on the Red and Yellow line. Let’s have a look at the methods to book the Metro QR code ticket.

Purchase the QR Ticket at Metro Station

One of the easiest ways to get the Delhi Metro QR Code ticket is to visit a Metro Station. You need to simply purchase the paper QR ticket from the ticket counter, which looks like this.

Delhi Metro Paper QR ticket

Image Credits: @The_GauravS

Later on you will be able to purchase this ticket from the vending machine as well. To check-in, you need to simply show this QR Code to the camera at the AFC gate, to board the train.

Use Ridlr App

The first app to book the QR ticket is the Ridlr app, which is the first partner to facilitate and adopt the new ticketing system. Here’s how to book it via the Ridlr app.

1. Download and launch the Ridlr App (Android, iOS) on your phone.

2. Allow the Location permission to the Ridlr App.

3.  Now, tap on the Delhi Metro option.

4. On the next screen, you can either buy a QR Ticket or a Trip Pass.

5.  Enter your Name, Email ID, and Mobile Number. There’s an option to type in a referral code and agree to the check box for data collection, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions. Finally, tap on the Proceed button.

6. Now, you need to Allow access to Contacts and Phone calls.

7. Complete the OTP Verification.

8. After verifying your number, tap the Continue button.

9. Now, you need to select Origin and Destination Station. You can buy tickets for up to 6 people.

10. Finally tap on Proceed, to complete the payment via UPI, Card, or Netbanking.

11. Once you have got the ticket, simply visit your boarding metro station, and show your QR Code at the AFC gate to check in and board the train.

Use Paytm

Alongside the Ridlr app, you can also book the QR ticket via the Paytm app on your phone. Here’s how you can book the ticket via the Paytm app.

1. Launch the Paytm App (Android, iOS) on your phone.

2. Search for Metro in the app, and then select Delhi Metro.

3. On the next screen, tap on Metro QR Ticket.

4. Now, enter the Source and Destination Station.

5. You can buy tickets for a maximum of 6 people, and click on Proceed to Pay.

6. You can complete the payment from your Paytm Balance, Payments Bank, or UPI.

Note: Similarly, you can buy QR Code Tickets for Bengaluru Metro, Hyderabad Metro, and Mumbai Metro.

book metro QR code ticket

7. Once you have got the ticket, simply visit the boarding metro station, and show your QR Code at the AFC gate to check in and board the train.

Use PhonePe

Just like Paytm, you can also use the PhonePe app on your phone to book the QR ticket for your metro travel on the Delhi Metro Network. Here’s how:

1. Launch the PhonePe App (Android, iOS) on your phone.

2. Scroll down and click the See All button under the Switch category.

3. Here, tap on Delhi Metro and then tap on Book QR Ticket.

4. Now, enter the start and destination station and mention the number of passengers. You can buy tickets for up to 6 passengers.

5. You can buy tickets either for a one-way journey or a return journey.

6. Now, complete the payment to buy your ticket.

7. Once you have got the ticket, simply visit the boarding metro station, and show your QR Code at the AFC gate to check in and board the train.


Q. How to Get the QR Code Metro Ticket?

You can buy the QR code ticket for the metro either from the metro station or from May 2023 end yo can also pre-book using the Ridlr App, Paytm, or PhonePe. For more details follow the steps mentioned above.

Q. How Many QR Code Gate Are at Delhi Metro Station to Automatically Collect Fares?

As per Delhi Metro, initially, there were two automatic fare collection gates for entry and exit, at all stations for travel by QR-based paper tickets. They also said by June end, they are aiming to upgrade all the fare collection gates for QR code-compliant along with the upgradation of Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) for issuing QR-based paper tickets.

Q. How Many Delhi Metro Qr Code Tickets Can I Buy at Once?

You can buy QR code tickets for a maximum of up to 6 people while traveling in Delhi Metro.

Q. How to Use the QR Code Ticket in Delhi Metro?

You need to get the QR ticket using any of the four methods mentioned above and scan the QR code ticket at the entry and exit gate while traveling.

Q. Why I Am Not Able to Book a New Metro QR Ticket?

You can’t book another QR Ticket, unless you exit with your last purchased QR ticket, or it has expired after the end of the business day, whichever is earlier.

Q. When Can I Buy the Metro QR Ticket?

The QR ticket can be bought from 04:00 AM till 10 minutes prior to the last advertised train timing, from any of the four methods mentioned above.

Q. Can I Exit From Any Station With a Metro QR Ticket?

With the Metro QR Ticket, you can enter from the selected station. But can exit from:

  • Selected station, or
  • Any station before the destination station, or
  • Stations with the same fare.

Q. For How Long Is the Metro QR Code Valid?

The Metro QR Ticket is valid for:

  • 65 minutes – entry/exit from a different station
  • 30 minutes – entry/exit from the same station

Q. Will Delhi Metro Stop Selling Token-Based Tickets After Introducing Qr Code Tickets?

Yes, The concept of issuing tokens will be gradually phased out with the introduction of QR ticketing, to facilitate more convenient, seamless, time-saving, and error-fee travel for its passengers. This also makes the process more transparent and human intervention-free and cashless mechanisms

Q. How to Exit From the Metro, When My Phone Is Dead, or Lost With the QR Ticket?

If your phone is dead or lost while traveling in the metro, and you don’t have access to the QR ticket. Then you will be considered traveling without a ticket. As of now, there’s no clarity about how to exit, in such case, you can contact Ridlr support at 18001213233 or email them at [email protected].

Q. Is There a Penalty for Copying Delhi  Metro Qr Ticket?

As per DMRC, any phone image/copy of a QR-based paper ticket and passengers with such image/copy shall be treated as traveling without a valid ticket and shall be dealt with as per existing Business Rules of DMRC.

Wrapping Up

So this is how you can buy and use travel in the metro using the QR ticket in Delhi Metro, Bengaluru Metro, Hyderabad Metro, and Mumbai Metro. Currently, the QR code ticket works on the Airport line of the Delhi metro network and is expected to roll out on other lines soon, as the QR ticket-compatible AFC gates are being installed on the Red and Yellow lines of the Delhi Metro. I hope you found this useful, if you did, make sure to share it. Check out other tips linked below, and stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such tech tips.

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