7 Ways to Spot Fake Earning Apps Before or After Install


“Congratulations! You can earn Rs 1 Lakh by playing this simple game, install the XYZ app now.”

These messages promote fake money-earning apps that often invade phones. Such messages have infested our text inboxes and social media like Instagram reels and X (Twitter) posts. But how trustworthy are such money-earning apps? How do you spot fake earning apps?

Spot Fake Earning Apps on mobile.

Here, we will discuss the problems associated with such fake money-earning apps, how to identify them, and how to prevent our hard-earned money from getting into the hands of such raccoons. Let’s start with the problems that revolve around these fake money-earning apps:

Risks of Using Fake Money-Earning Apps

The following are some grave issues caused by installing and using these fake money-earning apps. We need to understand the severity of these issues before learning to identify a scam app, even before installing it. One of the significant challenges users face is learning how to spot fake earning apps.

Money Exploitation

Fake money-earning apps exploit fraud practices in the name of various fees to extract money out of your pocket:

  • Initial joining fees,
  • Withdrawal fees, and
  • Account deactivation fees when you want to delete or deactivate your account from such apps.

Currency in a bag.

Fake earning apps manipulate users to pay more to earn, often exploiting psychological vulnerabilities or addiction tendencies by giving gambling choices like Wheel of Fortune and double-or-nothing offers. Such gambling practices do nothing but put users in financial distress.

Data Breach

Fake money-earning apps ask users for data access permissions, such as gallery, contacts, camera, etc. Allowing these apps to access such vulnerable information can later lead users into trouble.

Digital Data on a Screen.

Fake-earning apps exploit our phones’ access to data and are prone to selling it to data hoarders, who can then use the information to target us with malicious promotions and activities. In the worst-case scenario, some users have also reported receiving threats to pay a ransom to prevent data misuse.

Account Suspension and Legal Trouble

Usually, fake money-earning apps and games do not allow transactions to be conducted legally. When users make transactions using such apps, their bank accounts can be banned or even suspended, with no chance of recovery.

A gavel bang done by a judge.

Not only that, but such fake apps also misuse the user’s banking information. These scam apps are also prone to participating in fraudulent activities, such as money laundering and unauthorized lending, which puts the users at risk of facing legal scrutiny.

Malware Risk

Not only do they affect us inside the app, but these fake earning apps can also cause trouble with your phone. These unauthorized apps are prone to infecting phones with malware, which can cause difficulty for users even after they uninstall the app.

This malware can track users’ activity and steal and upload data such as media, contacts, and even passwords stored on mobile devices. Not only that, but these fake earning apps can also throw undesired advertisements pop-ups on your phone, which might also contain nudity and harmful content.

How to Identify a Fake Earning App?

These are the troubles no one should get into. But how does one identify if the lucrative app they are about to install is legitimate or a Trojan horse? Worry not. Here are some tested ways to help you determine a fake earning app before or after installing it. Knowing how to spot fake earning apps is essential when protecting yourself from online scams.

Checks to Be Done Before Installing Any Earning App

Before installing any money-earning apps or games, consider these things that will help you spot fake-earning apps.

Check User Reviews

Checking user reviews is essential. Simply reading the user reviews is the first and foremost way to check for fake earning apps. But remember to check reviews on legitimate platforms, as these fake apps tend to post manipulated reviews on their websites and inside apps.

Reviews of a restaurant floating in the air next to phone mock up.

You can check the reviews on reliable sources such as the Play Store, Trustpilot, and TechCrunch. These sites are trustworthy, unbiased, and transparent about app reviews.

Seek Information on Forums and Community

Open forums like Quora and Reddit are excellent resources for investigating these counterfeit money-earning apps. These active communities are always prompt in reporting such deceptive applications. Therefore, keeping a vigilant eye on these platforms can be beneficial and prevent you from falling into such traps and spotting fake earning apps.

Check Company Background

In this era of unparalleled internet accessibility, it’s possible to unearth information about virtually any company. Before succumbing to the allure of attractive schemes, conducting a thorough background check on a company that could potentially be conducting a scam is always prudent. This due diligence can save you from falling prey to such fraudulent activities.

Checks to Be Done After Installing Any Earning App

Now, if you have already installed any money-earning app and are worried about its authenticity, here are a few red flags to look for before using it.

Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully

Upon initially opening an app, we’re often presented with terms and conditions, which most of us “Accept” without a second thought. This, however, can be a significant misstep.

A person signing terms and conditions using a pen.

Exploiters take advantage of this habit, using it to legally shield themselves through the terms and conditions we unwittingly accept. It’s crucial to thoroughly read these terms and conditions before using any application on our phones. If we don’t, it could lead to unforeseen complications.

Be Cautious While Providing Information

A big red flag with fake apps is the information they ask of you. These apps tend to ask for everything and anything in the name of KYC. Refrain from logging into your Aadhar card or bank account using the app. Providing unofficial apps with these details might get your account suspended or misused.

Digital Information as a hologram emerging out on an iPad.

Also, be careful with what permissions you give the app. You can check what permissions the app asks for on the Play Store app info page or in settings.

To check what permissions the app asks for, go to Settings > Apps > Permissions. Here, you can check and manage all the permissions the app asks for on your phone.

Stay Away From Too Good to Be True Methods of Earning

Consider it a major red flag if an app or pop-up claims you can earn money simply by performing silly, trivial tasks such as matching colors, watching ads, or spinning wheels. It’s highly unlikely for anyone to be so generous as to give away big money for merely playing games. Always exercise caution and skepticism when encountering such offers.

Spin wheel at a casino.

Download From Reliable Sources Only

You must only download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Be wary of APK files from unknown sources, as they can pose significant security risks, such as malware.

App installation via Google Play Store on an Android phone.

If an app or its details aren’t listed on the Play Store, it’s best to refrain from installing it. This practice helps safeguard your device and personal information. Always prioritize your safety online by learning to spot fake earning apps and avoid potential risks.


Q. Are There Any Real Money-Earning Apps That Pay Out?

Some legitimate apps, such as Google Opinion Rewards, pay users, but these apps can not be your main source of income as income from these apps is not certain.

Q. How Can Fake Money-Earning Apps Lead to Data Theft or Malware Risks?

A fake earning app with all your data might access your bank account or sell your data to someone else.

Q. What Are the Risks Associated With Installing Fake Money Earning Apps?

As discussed above, installing fake earning apps might lead to issues like data breaches, money extortion, account suspension, and the risk of malware on our phones.

Q. What Are the Common Scams Associated With Fake Earning Apps?

Scams such as playing games to earn money, watching ads to earn money, and gambling are some of the most common scams today.

Signing Off

It’s easy to fall for fake money-making apps that promise big bucks and attractive schemes, but these can be troublesome if you fall for one. But with these tips, you can easily spot fake earning apps that are potentially harmful and can put you in misery. Stay safe from such apps, as they can easily bring you to rock bottom. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such reads.

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