Men’s pockets Leather belt mobile phone bag With shoulder straps First layer cowhide multi-function business bag


Crazy horse skin (head layer cowhide)    Crazy horse skin is an abbreviation of leather making process, also known as mad cowhide or oil-impregnated skin. The first layer of cowhide embryo is used as the raw material. The leather itself has the characteristics of no grinding, no spraying, no plastic, etc., which maintains the original state of the cowhide, and the skin of the hand pushes the color.    The thickness of the skin embryo is about 2.5 mm, which is thick and durable.    The biggest feature of Crazy Horse Skin is that it has a messy and disorderly scratch on the surface. It will scratch when it is scratched by hard objects or nails. For less obvious scratches, use your fingers to gently touch to lighten or disappear. It is because of this characteristic that the madness of the crazy horse skin is highlighted. As time goes by, the surface will be more and more bright and the hand feels better and better.Full Grain thick cowhide leather, hand-made by professional artisans,Cotton lining
Dimension:24(L)*20(W)*6(H)cm , Net Weight:0.33KG/0.78lb
Suitable for Mountaineer,outdoor sports,hiking,traveling,camping,business trip
1 year quality guarantee!!! Tough stitching, Durable! A beautifully crafted bag that will only get better with age



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