Verizon Signal Booster Mingcoll 4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster Amplifier High Gain 700MHz Band 13 Verizon Mobile Signal Repeater Amplifier Kit for Home and Office (WV70-W6H)


Mingcoll Verizon Band13 Cell Phone Signal Booster

1.This cell signal booster could only work with Verizon 700MHz 4G Lte Band13 network frequency.
2.This verizon signal booster could only make the weak signal stronger,it couldn’t generate any signal,so the Outdoor Antenna should receive 2-3 bars of stable signal in the location where it is mounted,or the booster couldn’t work very well.

Operation Frequency of Signal Booster:Band 13
Emission Designator:LTE(G7D)
AGC LEVEL:Uplink:-47.00 Downlink:-56.0
Max.Antenna Gain:Uplink:8.1dBi Downlink:6.6dBi
FCC Classification:B2W/Wideband Consumer Booster(CMRS)

Signal Repeater Booster
Outdoor Directional Yagi Antenna
Indoor Directional Panel Antenna
Outdoor 32ft 5D-FB OD7.5 Coaxial Cable
Indoor 16ft 5D-FB OD7.5 Coaxial Cable
Screws for Mounting
English User Manual

Installation Guide for Verizon Signal Booster:
1.Please kindly download Network Cell Info Lite (free app) to find out the nearest Verizon cell singal tower. ( also provides an Android and IOS app)
2.Connect the 32ft coaxial cable to the Outdoor Yagi Antenna,then keep the Outdoor Yagi Antenna point at the nearest Verizon cell singal tower,and make sure Outdoor Yagi Antenna could receive receive 2-3 bars of stable signal at the loacation where it is mounted.
3.Mount the signal booster device in your house where is near from the power socket,and have good ventilation
4.Tightly connect the 32ft coaxial cable to the OUTDOOR port of the repeater
5.Tightly connect the 16ft coaxial cable to the Indoor Panel Antenna and the INDOOR port of the signal booster.Keep the indoor panel antenna is above 22ft away from outdoor yagi antenna and make sure a proper amount of physical separation between indoor panel and outdoor yagi antenna
6.Connect the power adapter to the signal amplifier.Work with Verizon> The Verizon signal booster could work with Verizon 4G Lte Band 13 network frequency, Uplink:776MHz-787MHz,Downlink:746MHz-757MHz.
Boost the Signal> The signal booster could amplify your existing signal to give you more bars, and then you can experience much faster high-speed 4G LTE internet. Perfect for people needing fast uploads and downloads for streaming apps such as Google, YouTube.  
Improve Call Quality> The signal repeater will improve call quality and maintain a better voice environment. Its coverage can be up to 1500-2000 sq.ft in your house, office, villa, garage, basement and so on. No more dropped calls, faster data speeds.
Easy Installation> The package will contain all of the components you need for installation with step-by-step instructions. Requires no technical experience, plug and play, easy and convenient to install.
Product Warranty> One-Year Manufacturer Warranty, and with FCC authentication certificate. If any matter, please feel free to contact us, we’re always at your service!




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