WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder with Cover, Black


Trouble Shooting Steps: All WOLF winders are designed to have cycles rest between its winding cycles to ensure that the proper amount of tension is placed on the main spring of your watch. All watch cycles will take approximately 6 hours of winding and rest, and then will go into a 18 hour sleep phase before returning back to the winding cycles. When placing the cuff inside of the drum, please ensure that the watch strap is fastened securely so that the watch does not sway back and forth during its winding. Once you place the cuff inside of the drum, you will hear a clicking noise that will indicate when each side of the cuff is locked into the drum. All WOLF winders utilize gravity to rotate the rotor inside of your watch. This means that if the face of the watch is pointed towards the ceiling or ground, the rotor inside of your watch will be prohibited from rotating and therefore will not receive power.1 winding module, glass cover, chrome finished hardware, lock in cuff
Patented Innovation – Every WOLF winder counts the precise number of rotations. All other winder estimate the number of rotations.
Pre-programmed – 900 turns per day. Directional Settings: Clockwise, Anticlockwise and Bi-directional
Battery or Power Option with Universal Power adapator. Smooth faux leather and satin lining
2 year Manufacturer warranty worldwide



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